Monday, March 10, 2008

2007 Yearly Wrap

I thought I'd try to start each new year with an annual sampling of the stamps and first-day-of-issue postmarks I added to my collection from the year before.
James Stewart, Scott #4197

Disney: The Art of Magic issue, including Dumbo, Scott # 4194

The USPS did something unusual with the Star Wars sheet it issued.  It also set up on online poll for people to vote for their favorite of the stamps, which would then subsequently get an entire sheet to itself.  The Yoda stamp won, so the stamp at the top of the card is the reissue from the full Yoda sheet, and the stamp at the bottom of the card from the original Star Wars sheet.  Scott #s 4205 and 4143n, respectively.

Marvel Comics sheet, including Captain America and Iron Man, Scott #s 4159e and -h respectively.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Scott # 4165.  Also pictured are Audrey Hepburn (# 3786), Henry Mancini (# 3839), and a Tiffany lamp (# 3749)