Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Cloud Nine

Tammy was 17 and both a sweetheart and a diva. Biggie was quite a bit younger and the friendliest cat I ever met. And in the span of the last 3 months, they both had to be put down, and the homestead is not the same. Ever since her brother Max died (another amazing kitty), Tammy would sleep every night on my pillow. Biggie could have his belly rubbed for hours, and would intrude incessantly if he saw you working in the garden. Her spirit was strong but her kidneys gradually failed her. The tumor in his lung came out of nowhere and in a matter of weeks had overwhelmed him. She doesn’t lecture me anymore if I stay up too late. He no longer appears out the backdoor, waiting to be fed. And I miss them both terribly.

With cats on the brain (but no longer on my lap), I found this postcard and ran down a few older feline stamps to pair up with the recent Garfield issue:

Krazy Kat (Scott #3000e)
Sylvester & Tweety (Scott #3204)
The Lion King (Scott #3867)

Plus, the cat from Bright Eyes, a postal strip of cartoon animal stamps (Scott #3232). I could’ve also included the Cat in the Hat stamp from the Celebrate the Century series, but the Seuss creation never really looked or felt like much of a cat to begin with.

I suppose I’ll add more cats to the postcard (as well as my home) at some point, when the time is right. But for now, RIP to two truly irreplaceable kitties.

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